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[Article]Tailoring multivalent nanomedicines for monkeypox.

The article Tailoring multivalent nanomedicines for monkeypox. has been published in


We have been through the largest monkeypox (Mpox) outbreak that has ever occurred globally. At present, the application of nanotechnology-based approaches to tackle Mpox has not been established. There are no US FDA-approved treatments for Mpox and it is plausible that, in forthcoming studies, researchers may investigate the use of multivalent nanomaterials to target the virus. In contrast to monovalent ligands, multi- and polyvalent ligands have strong affinity for the target molecules, thereby significantly facilitating the inhibition of viral attachment to host cells. Multivalent interactions are crucial in signal processing, adhesion, and recognition within biological systems. Based on the understanding of the development of multivalent nanomaterials (such as phage capsid nanoparticles, engineered bacteriophage T4 and self-assembled DNA nanobait) for SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and other viruses, this brief perspective gives insights into the development of next-generation multivalent nanomedicines targeting the entry-fusion complex of Mpox as a promising strategy for tackling emerging mutated strains.

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