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[News] Welcome Sanofi Pasteur to SIAT!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Today, Sanofi Pasteur China came to SIAT for an exchange. The topic was about Chinese vaccine industry.

Participants from Pasteur:

Mr. Mike Zhang, General Manager of Sanofi Pasteur Greater China

Mr. Josh Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer of Sanofi Pasteur China

Mr. Brian Pang, Strategic Business Planning Lead of Sanofi Pasteur China

Ms. Simone Ma, Manager of General Management Office

Mr. Owen Geng, Marketing Director of Sanofi Pasteur China

Participants from SIAT:

Prof. Aldo Tagliabue

Prof. Diana Boraschi

Prof. Lintao Cai

Prof. Yang Li

Before this communication, Prof. Tagliabue, Prof. Boraschi and Prof. Li have visited the Greater Bay Area International Vaccine Innovation Center.

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