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Aldo Tagliabue


Associated Scientist

Dr. Aldo Tagliabue is the associated scientist of the Laboratory of Immunology and Nanomedicine at SIAT-CAS. He is the senior member of the Genetic and Biomedical Institute of the National Research Council of Italy and he is the President of the Scientific Board of the Consorzio Italiano di Ricerca Medica in Milan.


Dr. Aldo Tagliabue has published over 120 peer-reviewed research articles in the field of immunology, including Nature, PNAS, JEM, Blood, etc. He is an internationally renowned immunologist with extensive experience in the commercialization of research results. He has developed two vaccines and one vaccine adjuvant that have been approved for commercial use. He has presided over a number of research transformation projects and founded ALTA Research Consultants, which has received more than 400 million€ in project funding. Achilles Vaccines srl, a COVID-19 neutralizing antibody, which he co-founded, has been approved for clinical trials.

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